Agency vs Freelancer: How to Make the Right Choice?

Agency vs Freelancer: How to Make the Right Choice?

Have you ever been confused about choosing the right choice between a freelancer and an agency?

Whether it’s about starting a new business, building a website, mobile application, or any other tasks. The question always pops up in the mind that how to make the right choice between an agency and a freelancer.

Finding a suitable option between the both can create a dilemma for you.

Therefore, in this article, we will focus on the points that will be helpful for you to decide on choosing between an agency and a freelancer.

This is the era of the fastest technology and innovation. The world has seen tremendous growth in technology in the past few decades. Now, everything is digital.

There is a boost in eCommerce. Now, people are more concerned and picky about their choice-making for any service or product.

For making a business successful, a strong marketing approach is required. When choosing a powerful marketing strategy, you can work with an agency or a freelancer.

In this era, new technologies stand ahead in the market. Businesses are on the boom and you need tons of factors to look at while deciding on the work for your project.

Let’s dive in deep to understand the working benefits of both in order to make the right decision.

What is an Agency?

Let’s understand about agency first. So, what is an agency?

An agency usually consists of a bunch of marketers that are available as either full-time employees or solo contractors.

The digital agency carries out the activities required by a client. There is a larger team of professionals that have huge skill sets.

It offers solutions for all business requirements. An agency consists of an authority. Unlike a freelancer, a project is not accomplished by a single person. Rather, the project is divided into dedicated team members to carry out the work they need to work on.

Many people prefer agencies over freelancers. If your project size is big, then the agency seems like the right choice to choose between.

Let’s look at the advantages of selecting an agency.

Advantages of an Agency

The benefits of an agency are mentioned below:

  • An agency consists of skilled developers and a team that helps in managing complex projects easily.
  • The developers of an agency hold years of experience and expertise in their respective fields which is a brownie point.
  • Certain coordination and timeline are in requirement to carry out the projects smoothly. An agency follows that.
  • The work is done in such an organized manner that there is no hindrance to the project.
  • Protocols and the legal system are followed in agencies. Moreover, they have years of reputation. Therefore, an official guarantee remains the main focus.
  • The team is divided into various sectors. Thus, every aspect is kept in mind while accomplishing a project.
  • An agency comprises a team of professionals. These professionals keep themselves updated with the trending technologies and new trends.

Who is a Freelancer?

You must have come across the term ‘freelancer’ many times. Let’s understand more about a freelancer.

A freelancer is a self-employed fellow that delivers services to many customers and clients. Freelancers are often referred to as short-lived agencies.

In general, an individual carries out the tasks of the project. There are many freelance platforms where you can find freelancers as well such as Upwork,, People Per Hour, etc.

The most common jobs in freelancing are website development, content writing, photography, graphic designing, copywriting, digital marketing, etc.

Advantages of a Freelancer

  • Freelancers are pocket friendly. In general, the cost of hiring a freelancer is much cheaper than an agency. They are affordable. If your business is at a beginner’s step then the focus must be on cost-cutting and expenses. Thus, in such a scenario, freelancers are the best option.
  • Freelancers are independent individuals. They are developers who offer all the software-related services on their own. Thus, they have good experience as a software developer.
  • For short-term projects, a freelancer is a better option as he/she fulfills the required specific specialization.
  • Unlike an agency, there aren’t traditional working hours. Freelancers have flexible work timing.

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Wrapping up, it may seem difficult to select between an agency and a freelancer. But, checking the benefits and requirements for business, you can always select between the two now.

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