We at Take2 Technologies provide innovative Moodle app development and Moodle support services. We all have come across the term Moodle. Moodle is an open-source platform. It is the learning management system that is used by learners worldwide. Moodle provides online learning with trusted solutions. It is free and offers end-to-end services for various sectors. Whether it’s organization or health sector, high schools or universities, corporates or training institutes, Moodle is loved by users. It is an excellent source for online learning. Moodle also manages e-learning solutions effectively. It provides the users with flexibility and constant improvements. With online learning, the world of education has transformed. Moodle app development offers you ways to create the courses, add the assignments, create a dashboard, etc. Moodle is a popular and widely used Learning Management System. It is user-friendly, very well supported throughout, and is constantly updated. There are numbers of Moodle Plugins to get the desired performance. With Moodle’s engagement, learning becomes fun and simple. Moodle can be used in many ways. It is a web application. For Moodle, PHP is used as a scripting language. It runs on common web servers and common platforms. The services provided by Moodle app development are considered excellent for the learning process. There are numerous benefits involved in using Moodle. It includes easy integration, captivating course content, online assignments and tests, custom-built plugins, instinctive learning interfaces, and customizable dashboards. Moodle also provides easy reporting and tracking.


Our mission at Take2 Technologies is to create a powerful impact in learning systems globally, so that empowered administrators and learners use their skills to improve the world.


Our team provides Moodle support services. Our vision for the future at Take2 Technologies is to transform the world’s learning environment by providing the most efficient Moodle services and a stage for learning things more concisely.


We believe in our values. Our Moodle developers are available to provide the Moodle plugin development, Moodle support, Moodle app development, etc. Our team of Moodle developers is identified by the values that they create for their learners. For the good sake of the educators, we have a platform to empower each other and provide the best Moodle support services. Our company led the foundation of Moodle app development years ago. Also, we believe in making the learning system a tool to transform the world into a better place. Our Moodle developers are always learning from their work and constantly evolving with the pace of new technologies. Take2 Technologies always look for methods of improvement while providing the services. Our Moodle developers are skilled with strategic standards and years of expertise in Moodle app development. We bet on delivering practical results. Belonging from the expertise section of the Moodle developers, our team leans on experiments and research before providing any end-to-end results. We provide a culture of innovative ideas to educators as well as learners. Our team understands the value of Moodle support, encouragement, and unique methods for Moodle development.


Our Moodle developers are skilled to resolve the issues that come in between while creating the projects. Our developers’ project approach is more modified and efficient. Moodle developers at Take2 Technologies provide the latest development and value the review of the clients and the customers. New code is tested and integrated to avoid a lapse in new features. We perform a significant role in building and preserving the learning management system based on PHP and Moodle. Our developers trust in providing customization, better designs, good branding, and configurations.
We are the right choice if you are looking for passionate Moodle developers for Moodle 4.0 and Moodle App Development. Our company is based in India, but we provide support services for Moodle globally. Take2 Technologies is known for its years of experience and technical expertise. Our developers provide the best solutions available in the market and consider the results. Moodle developers at Take2 Technologies supply solutions for the clients’ business requirements. We have a dedicated team of Moodle developers who design and develop remarkable results. We provide our clients with various services, including Moodle application development, customized course development, Moodle plugin development, etc.
We offer a quick fix interaction between the educators and the learners for the education market. We are the promising and future-ready company for the Moodle app development. Take2 Technologies’ Moodle developers have solved numerous problems of the clients globally. We help our customers analyze, plan, understand and execute the learning process precisely. Our developers ensure in maintaining the quality levels at every stage of product development. Moreover, the learning management system of our company allows access to multiple learners from any part of the globe.


Take2 Technologies offer services in Moodle plugin development. Our company creates error-free plugins and provides customized moodle plugins for our clients. The M in Moodle is known for ‘modular’. To maintain and add new functionality in Moodle, one needs different types of plugins. There are different types of moodle plugins available under Moodle. Some of the plugin types are Activity modules, Themes, Antivirus plugins, Book tools, Database presets, Blocks, and many more. According to clients’ requirements and specifications, we can adapt the site to match their needs.


Take2 Technologies provide you with Moodle support and Moodle support services. Our support team helps better understand the processes, programs, and tasks. We allow our users to take enough time to use their resources. Creating a course or day-to-day task for a learning management system can be challenging to grasp for the users. We provide with moodle support team for achieving and understanding the core tasks. Our company offers you end-user support. Take2 Technologies’ Moodle support services provide cost-effective approaches to the clients. You are accessible to top-notch standards and services on our platform. Our support system proves to be effective for many sectors, including education, training institutes, corporate sectors, etc. We fit your specific requirements and provide fast responses for the issues and the problems faced by the users. With our flexible approach, you will get the solutions that you are aspiring for.


Moodle has various versions. The new version which is to be released soon is Moodle 4.0. We are equally excited as you for this new release. Hire Moodle 4.0 developers at Take2 Technologies. Our eyes are on Moodle 4.0 and we are sure to provide you with many solutions. Moodle 4.0 comes with UX improvements, API changes, and theme updates. It provides support to the UI consistency using the component library. It will focus on improved navigation, better course experience, and other wins, such as a responsive calendar. For educators, it will prove to be a powerful weapon. Many significant changes are coming for developers with the upcoming release of Moodle 4.0. We can be a perfect lead for you.

Hire our moodle developers to get the best results in the industry. We have worked for our various clients to migrate old Moodle versions into new ones. Our ability to migrate and update to the latest version of your website adds further advantages to our customers. We have been in this industry for several years, and we know the technical aspects very well. We believe in providing security. Also, we offer an upgraded learning management system.


At Take2 Technologies, our Moodle hosting services at Take2 Technologies takes care of the clients’ needs. Everything is a matter of our absolute routine like servers, operating systems, managing the upgrades and backups, and managing of applications and databases. Our skillful team monitors the performance and execution of clients’ systems to sanction the delivery of content as per needs across numerous formats, with different fundamental interaction levels. The SLA levels are maintained and managed with excellent procedures to intercede and keep downtime away from the processes.


Moodle hosting services at Take2 Technologies result from well-thought-out plans and a high level of execution of the plan to meet the various requirements of clients, bestriding requirements from the most common to the most complex. At Take2 Technologies, options are presented that incorporate free installation and migration, plugins, themes, and updates. Combining all these free services aims to assist clients in moving higher in the delivery value chain, proffering high-speed loading times.


To furnish ultimate and high standard protection to E-Learning websites, The predefined web hosting plans and high-level malware protection that come as segments of the packages work in tandem with the firewall services. With PHP7 and OpCache, The plugins merge with the features to proffer an excellent experience. The supplementary layer of security proffered by Take2 Technologies and the dependence on SSD drives transmit into higher-level productivity and, more essentially, swift loading times.


  • SSL certificate
  • Periodic backups
  • Reasonably priced plans
  • Negligible downtime
  • Robust security
  • Year-round technical support
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Complete support for plugins, themes, and integrations
  • Latest, stable, and secure versions of PHP


At Take2 Technologies, we give our best shot to offer fast, reliable, and secure Moodle hosting services to our clients, which help them to introduce high-ranking E-Learning platforms. This saves the time, effort, and resources required to establish and maintain the hosting, leaving clients with excellent freedom to focus on core proficiency without being jumpy and concerned about SLA fulfillment. The end-to-end solutions are exhaustive and inclusive and distributed with the need for user interference or intensification.
The professional Moodle hosting plans prefer to offer clients the alternative of hosting websites on servers with high-level security of Take2 Technologies, on either dedicated, shared, or standard form of hosting, As per client needs, expectations, and their requirements. Businesses that demand expert assistance can count on the team’s technical prowess to envision, develop and build E-Learning websites, free from the inconvenience, commonly associated with hosting a website in-house. The expert arrangement and configuration of data on the servers offer excellent effectiveness to the websites we host. We have maintained the dissemination of load in a very executive and white-collar manner to ensure lesser suspension.