Success celebration: 20 years of Moodle’s victory

Success celebration: 20 years of Moodle’s victory

Moodle is celebrating 20 years of its success. And so Moodle CEO and Founder shared that Moodle is completing 20 years of success in Nov 2021. Firstly Moodle submitted its first source code commit 20 years ago. This primary cipher commit commenced a method of association collaboration. 

And as a result, this far-reaching collaboration involved 871 developers from 57 nations. and exhibited over 128,746 ciphers. These 871 developers are more likely to be thousands of developers. That is because the cipher is available by a company of moodle developers. But the cipher is proffered by a single person.

The numbers are not only surprising in themselves, but they also represent one of Moodle’s biggest strengths. And on the other hand, it played a huge part in Moodle’s success. And secondly the Moodle community, and the work they do to ensure the never-ending lines of features that developed and improved. The older ones in the cycle performed. Everywhere, everyone enjoys Moodle’s openness. For example, Teachers, learners, management, and businesses in every country in the world.

Every new commitment is a renewal of the one we made earlier. and the Moodle CEO started Moodle 20 years ago. He had the opportunity to commit to making better use of the Internet. Therefore, he tried to enhance the state of learning throughout the world. In short, this brand new commitment is a renewal of that one commitment.

Celebrated 15th success anniversary in 2017

Moreover, Five years ago, Moodle celebrated its 15th anniversary on Aug 20, 2017. And this 20th anniversary is the right time to reflect on where Moodle has come through since Moodle first released Moodle 1.0 on Aug 20, 2002. And on the other hand, if we talk about the time and projects that Moodle has done between 2017 to 2021, there can be a long list of changes and improvements.

Celebrated 15th success anniversary

In the past years, in particular, we have seen many significant changes in the project Moodle cloud. Moodle also gained a UX team and also a new education team.  it got the Moodle mobile app. and which reached 100% functionality with a web interface for the students. and it offered branded versions of that as well. So you can get your variant of it with your look and feel.  And as a result, Moodle has benefited 100 million users.

And from 2017 to 2021, we’ve experienced a lot of improvements. For example, increased involvement with other open projects from Moodle. It also released a new curriculum for learning to teach online called learn Moodle. There were also some exciting improvements in Moodle cloud.

Summing up success

Freedom in learning technology is crucial to presenting learning to thrive. and it evolves in many fair and friendly ways. And as a result, today the success of Moodle is at the top.

And behind the success of Moodle, many people have a hand. The Moodle Association helped and supported making this possible. And the Moodle Association has taken the victory of Moodle to the seventh heaven. Moodle thanks the global community and Moodle community who support the projects. and especially for their continued contributions. Moodle also appreciates teachers who are using Moodle. and appreciates the people who believe in the mission of Moodle and the open-source movement in general.

Everyone is going to celebrate the Moodle party. But we want to congratulate Moodle on its 20th anniversary of success. And we wish Moodle continues to climb the ladder of success.

Well. At last, most importantly, we want to remind you that November is going to end soon. And Moodle is releasing its new version Moodle 4.0. And you want to know more about Moodle 4.0. Here, you can read out our previous Moodle blogs.

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