As the preferred Learning Management System in the e-learning sector Moodle finds widespread use in education, training and limited business settings. The versatility of the environment offers users amazing levels of interaction, permitting service providers to fully meet requirements of participants in online courses and training sessions. Full leverage of Moodle is possible only when it is hosted on Moodle optimized servers for increased reliability and value.

Managed hosting

At Take2 Technologies, Moodle hosting takes care of servers, operating systems, in addition to handling the upgrades and backups. The management of applications and databases are a matter of seamless routine, as the team monitors the performance of client systems to enable delivery of content as per needs across various formats, with different interaction levels. The SLA levels are maintained with standard procedures to intervene and keep downtime away from the processes.

Suite of plans to meet diverse requirements

The success of Moodle hosting services at Take2 Technologies stems from the well thought out plans to meet diverse requirements of clients, straddling requirements from the basic to the most complex. The options offered at Take2 Technologies includes free installation and migration, plugins, themes and updates. The combination of all these free services are intended to help clients move higher in the delivery value chain, offering high speed loading times.

Advantages of Take2 Technologies Moodle hosting services

The preconfigured web hosting plans and advanced malware protection that come as part of the packages work in tandem with the firewall services to provide ultimate protection to Moodle websites. With PHP7 and OpCache, the plugins combine with the features to offer a greater experience. The additional layer of security offered by Take2 Technologies and the reliance on SSD drives translate into higher efficiency and more importantly swift loading times.

Standout features of hosting solutions include
  • SSL certificate
  • Periodic backups
  • Reasonably priced plans
  • Negligible downtime
  • Robust security
  • Year round technical support
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Complete support for plugins, themes and integrations
  • Latest, stable and secure versions of PHP
Metrics of choosing Moodle Hosting Service

At Take2 Technologies, clients receive fast, reliable and secure hosting services, which help to roll out superior eLearning platforms. This saves on the time, effort and resources necessary to establish and manage the hosting, leaving clients with greater freedom to focus on core competencies without having to be apprehensive of SLA fulfillments. The end to end solutions are comprehensive and dispense with the need for user intervention or escalation.

The professional Moodle hosting plans offer clients the option of hosting websites on secure servers of Take2 Technologies, on either dedicated, shared or standard form of hosting as per client needs and expectations. Businesses that need expert assistance can rely on the technical expertise of the team to conceive, develop and build Moodle websites, free from the hassles commonly associated with hosting a website in-house. The expert configuration of data on the servers offer greater efficiency to websites that we host. The distribution of load is managed in a professional manner to ensure lesser latency.