As an experienced Moodle development company, Take2 Technologies offers managed hosting, maintenance and support services to clients. The high levels of support ensure that the service boasts of one of the highest up-time, combined with high speed, robust security and superior backup measures. Clients looking for a cost effective solution for their hosting, support and maintenance requirements will find an ideal partner in Take2 Technologies.

Keeping the eLearning portal updated

As one of the most preferred environments for learning management and content management, patches and updates are a regular feature and the use of a support and maintenance service helps clients to remain updated on Moodle. Take2 Technologies offers support and maintenance to clients through by ensuring that

  • Configuration is as per requirements
  • The version is up to date
  • Applying security patches on release
  • Providing complete operational support
  • Providing backup and restoration
  • Troubleshooting fixes issues swiftly
Contracts that meet specific requirements

The contracts offered by Take2 Technologies are designed to meet all the requirements of users through VPS and Dedicated servers where substantial traffic is experienced. The high standards of support is achieved as a result of professional excellence and strong infrastructure support. The technical support offered to clients is advanced to the extent that complex and new issues that are fixed will find its way to the community for incorporation as a fix in subsequent releases.

Dedicated channel of support

Take2 Technologies incorporates a web tracking system to manage and monitor support issues raised by clients who avail the service. Onboarding of clients involve training to key personnel on the report protocols following which login credentials are issued for resources. This becomes a dedicated channel for raising issues and transmitting information about support and fixes. This dedicated channel helps keep the support and maintenance teams in touch with clients throughout the contract period, for swift intervention at all times.

Highly customised solutions

In addition to the fixed plans for clients, Take2 Technologies also offers highly customised solutions as per special needs of clients. These solutions vary from on-call support and maintenance services to remote assistance and client side support and maintenance. The special customised packages are designed as cost effective options to clients who wish to opt for in-house hosting, with specialised support for specific issues. The resources at disposal and the expertise levels permit Take2 Technologies to offer these services.

Expertise and infrastructure

Take2 Technologies possesses the infrastructure, resources and expertise to handle all requirements. This gives teams extensive exposure to issues, resulting in swift intervention. As a certified Moodle Partner, the updates and contributions to the community help Take2 Technologies to leverage this expertise in handling the needs of clients smoothly. This helps to keep the downtime to levels that are as low as .01%, which is negligible considering the number of issues that may crop up. By virtue of following a standard set of processes for handling issues, the experienced teams are equipped to quickly identify the issue and support the client with solutions.