Moodle plugins meet most requirements of businesses, with an extensive choice of components. However, unique business needs operating in niche categories may find the need for different plugins. At Take2 Technologies our developers possess proven expertise in various Moodle versions to help businesses create plugins to meet custom requirements. Skills in plugin development are a lot different, with the need for greater perspective in building the plugin.

Our teams have successfully customized modules for educational portals, with strong reporting and filters with compatibility to popular spreadsheets. We have successfully integrated modules into different environments with upstream transmission of data to back end systems. The learning management modules we develop are world class and are designed to offer clients an edge with the tailor made plugins.

Regarded as the most extensively used eLearning platform Moodle helps in the development of online learning portals. This open source web application, written in PHP, offer flexible customization options, from modifying features to developing new plug-ins. Versatile, it dons many hats – as a front end in portals or as a management system with web applications. This explains its status as a preferred platform for universities, training centers and specialized training portals.

Our success stems from our cross trained experts. We have considerable experience in the learning sphere and this exposure has equipped us to integrate the training with development to create the best plugins as per specific needs of clients Our teams are much sought after for integrating and helping clients with upgrades of installations from older versions. Contrary to public perceptions, this requires indepth knowledge of various versions and compatibility.

Our expert PHP programmers possess the experience, the knowhow and the perspective to develop plugins to meet specific requirements of clients with quick turnaround of projects. The vast exposure to many development projects help our teams to swiftly conceive, design, and build plugins as per client expectations. Our projects have surpassed the expectations of clients as a matter of routine.

Our design processes have consistently cut down on the time taken for development of the plugins, as a result of the simplified processes in place. We leverage our experience to deliver value to the client, building features in plugins that will help clients to fully use the customized options for fully exploiting the power of the versatile PHP program.

As pioneers in building plugins for Moodle we possess the experience to deliver solutions across all requirements, including requirements in the following domains

  • Manufacturing
  • Auto Finance
  • Medical Training
  • Qualifying Examinations
  • Talent Acquisition Consultancies
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Implementation/Special Purpose Vehicles of Government
  • Non Governmental Organisations
  • Educational Portals
  • Gaming portals
  • Resource/database consultancies
  • Graphic requirements
  • Authentication processing

The preferred choice for eLearning, Moodle earns its status by virtue of being a versatile and flexible, free, open source program. The success of plugins and development hinges on the ability of developers to plan and include functionalities. And at Take2 Technologies, we hold the distinction of building the best solutions.