Take2 Technologies is credited with developing some of the most classy and elegant sites. The use of web creation tools and open source platforms need expertise and the right perspective to weave in all components of a great design. For the design team with the right perspective, the availability of various themes makes it easier to make the best choice. Versatile skills are necessary in choosing the right combination of themes and designs to incorporate at the time of development.

Customised LMS themes for a distinct look and appeal

At Take2 Technologies we have resources on teams who design custom LMS themes to give your site a unique and distinct look. Every effort of a developer is to make the site of clients standout from the competition with a distinct look. The advantage of using the services of our team is the added benefit of a theme that resonates with the overall image of the entity. A theme that is the polar opposite of the ethos or the image of the institution is not the perfect design idea. And we know this better than most, which is what gives us the edge in cranking our world class themes.

Taking your message to visitors – clearly

Every single page on your website needs to reflect the essence of your business. The message that you need to convey to your visitor, about the product or the service you offer, needs to come out clearly, without ambiguity. And this needs to be presented in a manner that comes out as seamless as possible, as part of the whole suite of services or product offerings on your site. We take into consideration all aspects before working on a theme that fully represents your business.

Multiple browsing platforms

An intrinsic feature of the themes we develop is the responsive layout that allows the sites to function smoothly and seamlessly across multiple browsing platforms. This ensures that the integrity of the designs remain consistent across all platforms, creating a uniform appeal. By fully meeting the compliance requirements of Markup Validation Service of W3C, the themes can be easily checked for compatibility across browsers.

As an experienced theme design and development team, we ensure that all our designs stick to the golden rules. For instance, the need to separate functionality from themes is sometimes lost on developers who merge the two. This runs the risk of leaving the client without the use of the functionality, when the theme is changed later. We move functionalities into plugins, permitting design changes to be rolled out without impacting the workings of critical features.

Our proven expertise as a full service website development organisation gives us greater exposure to different design ideas and concepts which we weave into the themes. Our creative design teams have put together some of the most stunning, elegant and riveting themes. The themes we design and develop will not only represent your business and the ethos of your organization, but will lend a touch of class to the presentation, through the magic of our creative geniuses.