Technologies used for mobile application development

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid mobile apps leverage native application features and capabilities to run user interfaces in embedded systems. Read more...

PhoneGap Development

In the cross-platform app development tools, PhoneGap facilitates developers to build apps in the shortest possible time. Read more...

Native App Development

Virtually unbeatable when it comes to performance, user experience and reliability, native apps hold the aces. Read more...

Ionic App Development

The ionic framework carries out seamless app experiences across various platforms. Read more...

Apps have become a powerful bridge to engage clients with a business. Despite being an application with specific functionality, it is this very specific nature that makes it possible for clients to accomplish tasks easily. An app brings value to your transactional relationship with the demand customer of modern times. Take your strategy to the next level and offer your clients feature rich apps that make it easy to avail services, information or updates. Leverage our experience and industry-specific exposure to build powerful, lightweight apps to redefine customer experience.

What makes Take2 Technologies tick?

At Take2 Technologies, developer teams possess extensive experience across the technology stack, with specific areas of specialization. This mix of specialized skill sets and exposure to the entire technology stack makes our teams better poised to deliver projects as per client requirements. Our cherry picked developers are veterans in their domains, who collaborate with other resources harmoniously to deliver projects. Every developer undergoes a refresher program to update skills, and it is this updated skill set that has given us the edge.

Processes that work to a plan

System architecture hinges to a great extent on back end processes, and all projects begin with brainstorming sessions on the drawing board, to offer robust back end support, integrated with middleware and front end solutions. This process helps save time, cuts costs and most importantly delivers a product that is free from glitches, at any time of the application lifecycle. Every single aspect of the application will meet benchmarked standards, as client get to tick the little boxes. Shorter time to market, lesser risks during implementation, superior performance, built in scalability and secure by design are some of the standout features we deliver.

Emerging technologies and experience in cross platform applications

Our reliance on open source platforms help us build the best cross platform applications. Our expertise is not limited to native applications that serve a separate niche, but extends to cross –platform applications which cater to a broader segment. Our end to end and full cycle development services take clients through indepth consulting, analytics, design components, development, testing and integration. When the cycle is complete you get to go live with a deployment that will strike an instant chord with your clients with superior functional features, packed in a lightweight and fast app. Check out our elegant designs and interesting interfaces that cut out the clutter and deliver high performing hassle free solutions.