Some available technologies for front end development

Angular JS

Angular.JS Development earns its tag with superior features permitting developers to build fully functional, secure web apps and mobile apps. Read more...

React JS

One among the more popular interfaces, React.JS draws its versatility from the support of the close knit developer community and Facebook. Read more...

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack offers distinct unbeatable advantages. The whole stack use JavaScript language, which eliminates the need for learning Read more...


Node.JS is a lightweight and event driven solution that has delivered efficiency to clients worldwide. Despite the tag of being ideal for client side scripting Read more...

At Take2 Technologies, front-end development is not an end in itself but the beginning of convergence – the client’s brand value, customer expectations and business objectives – to create value for client and customer. Our teams of experts in front-end development possess impressive experience in multiple toolsets, which explains the smiles on clients who have used our services. The cohesion among our front-end UI and UX teams spells value for clients across the responsive, cross-platform and cross browser sites. We have mastered the art of striking the perfect balance of appeal, flexibility, and control through superior technological know-how, unrestricted by using various cutting edge toolsets.


This Javascript based web application is a popular front end framework that every angular frontend developer uses. It has the ability to use little code to get a lot done, in addition to being ready for unit testing. Clients enjoy quicker turnaround for high-speed and conveniently scalable applications with lesser coding requirements. Standout features include single page applications, real time applications and the ability to stick to a set of standards. This means that you will never have to sit through page reloads, courtesy of the high speed real-time applications.


This UI framework is a front-end JavaScript framework credited with the success of countless flexible apps. The advantages of ReactJS based HTML sites need no introduction – Components can be created in code which can be used again, without the need for fresh code. The beauty of the components lies in the simplicity, permitting developers to grasp each component easily. The rendering of ReactJS directly on the server speeds up websites with the added benefits of cost-effective SEO.


This Google V8 Javascript engine is ideal for real time applications, offering high-speed data handling. The present deluge of data makes this the perfect solution to handle large volumes smoothly. The benefits of superior performance and scalability makes this the solution of choice for data intensive applications and data streaming apps. It lends us the capability to deliver power content management tools to clients.

MEAN Stack

At Take2 Technologies, our expertise in full stack Javascript web based applications has given us the flexibility to deliver dynamic and feature rich applications to clients. Our teams have extensive experience across MongoDB, Express, Angular.JS and Node.JS, delivering high performance, lightweight portals and scalable APIs. Our end to end services come with the assurance of handling front end and back end operations seamlessly. The portals we develop feature user centric CMS, which are simple to operate and highly interactive.

When you use Take2 Technologies, you get the best in front-end development and UI designs, delivering enhanced browser capabilities, better site response, and simple implementation. Our prototyping has been an asset to clients who have offered inputs on modifications that have helped us to build a site that meets expectations. We pride ourselves on building sites keeping clients in the loop at all stages and helping in delivering a solution that meets exacting standards and preferences.

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