eCommerce websites mandate a special approach in the design and development, by virtue of meeting different needs of the portal and the users, At Take2 Technologies, we understand the need for this marked difference better than most developers, and it shows. Our clients and patrons of our clients have found the user experience to be a lot more intuitive and friendly. We have successfully surpassed client expectations with superior strategies in the development process. Platforms we typically use, include Magento, Prestashop and OpenCart.


One of the most versatile and dynamic platforms, Magento has helped us to build extremely powerful websites with simple options for scaling as per needs, The plug-ins and themes are a shot in the arm for developers who can rely on the open source platform for better options which can be easily incorporated. Our team has impressive capability in using Magento for eCommerce.


Among the more popular development tools used in eCommerce, Prestashop is a natural tool for us, coming from a PHP platform. Our native expertise in PHP and MySQL gives us strong competencies in using Prestashop for eCommerce development. The templates offer a virtually unlimited list of features for integrating product listing, payment gateways, shipment instructions and everything that is necessary for a site to function seamlessly.


This lightweight eCommerce platform gives our developers the flexibility to build sites as per size and needs of customers. This gives our clients the ability to offer patrons a rich experience while shopping online. It has empowered us to build solutions for clients who insist on keeping resource hungry features from slowing down various processes. A versatile platform, this offers easy administration through uncluttered and simple to use dashboards.

Standout features of websites we build

Optimized site performance

The sites we develop take the shortest possible time required for loading, helping users to enjoy a better experience. We pre-empt issues from negatively impacting the sites we develop by carefully integrating features such as compressed images and using advanced techniques in JavaScript and CSS resource files for faster interaction.

Enhanced security of sites

The security of eCommerce sites is of paramount importance. Among the foremost demands of customers is the need to protect their personal information and in the light of renewed efforts by governments to clamp down on infringements, we have built in greater security measures to the SSL sites and encrypted information.

Mandatory responsive designs

The designs of sites are responsive by default considering the preferred access options of customers to eCommerce portals. Our sites are fully responsive and will load on all devices smoothly and seamlessly without diluting the UX. This translates into smoother navigation, checkout and payment gateway integration.

Flexible options for customers

Our designs are developed by factoring in various aspects of the site. A large number of users may not prefer the option of signing up for an account and prefer to take the guest route for quick order processing. Our designs incorporate flexible options for users who prefer to signup and avail loyalty points and others who prefer to make purchases as guests.

Uncluttered and effective search options for SKUs

Our sites make it easy for patrons to search for specific products or a category of products on sites to zero in on a particular SKU. This is achieved through a comprehensive and well thought out strategy to help visitors narrow down the search to home in on the desired products. The speed of search and the results of the search make the difference to the user experience.

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