It is the age of the mobiles. Mobiles have become indispensable in life and it is only natural that businesses take the ‘app’ route to offer greater value to customers and clients. Mobile applications possess the power to enable organizations to deliver most solutions to users. The success of an app hinges to a large extent on the user friendly nature and the experience of the user while on the app.

Native mobile apps – built to a purpose

Organizations that focus their efforts on giving a great user experience will find native mobile apps to be the best choice. Developed in a language to cater exclusively for the device/platform, native app development is more customized than any other app development. Virtually unbeatable when it comes to performance, user experience and reliability, native apps hold the aces. Working directly on the mobiles, these apps enjoy unrestricted access to all the features of the phone, giving it greater functional features and versatility.

Intuitive and ability to function without internet connectivity

The access to all the features of the phone combine with the standout advantage of functioning without the need for internet connectivity. In addition to these strong differentiators in performance, the intuitive nature of native apps give them a distinct edge over hybrid mobile apps. The support received by native mobile apps from stores also give them a reputational advantage, and the secure by design nature of the app gives it a greater robust feel than other apps.

Android native apps

The fastest growing in the market, Android enjoys one of the highest adoption rates in the world. By virtue of being found across a range of devices that are increasingly being connected to each other in a digital grid, the popularity of the Android platform needs no introduction. The revenues from the platform have transformed businesses, and its popularity is only bond to increase as the world moves towards complete digital transformation.

Advantages of Android apps include the wide user base, the enterprise ready status of the app, the Open Source nature and swift access to the market for applications. Take2 Technologies has put together a strong team of experts in a dedicated team to handle the development requirements of Android applications ranging from utilities to enterprise grade solutions.

iOS native apps

iPhone is iconic. There is very little to contest the position of iOS devices when it comes to occupying a niche and a status. This is exactly why iOS devices find diehard customers who eagerly wait for the next launch. The iOS platform has been a front runner in integrating products of the same platform and it is only going to get better as newer devices hit the stores.

Advantages of iOS apps include the value addition to a business, ability to cater to a niche audience by offering a great user experience through iOS native apps. By riding on the technological superiority of an iPhone, the apps will be better equipped to deliver greater experience to users.