Angular Frontend Developer

As one among the best-in class solutions, Angular.JS Development earns its tag with superior features permitting developers to build fully functional, secure web apps and mobile apps. This open source web development framework offers simplified maintenance for development teams. The teams at Take2 Technologies possess the intrinsic programming and development skills required to build well conceived mobile apps through Angular.JS for businesses of varying sizes. Businesses have leveraged the skills of our teams to build apps with the most user friendly interfaces that drive businesses on the path to greater success.

Agile solutions

A high tech solution, AngularJS turns development agile, offering robust scalable solutions. Take2 Technologies, with strong expertise in interactive web designs and applications is the ideal service provider, offering complete control, in addition to full compliance and adaptability to markups. The high levels of customization and simplified interfaces are a natural facet of development in the AngularJS framework and Take2 Technologies has all that it takes to meet and surpass client expectations with mobile web apps.

End-to-end solutions

Domain expertise in developing applications, and offering solutions through integration of capabilities help our teams to leverage the powerful and versatile abilities of the AngularJS framework. Some of the more important deliverables include development of plug-ins, web applications, user interactive apps, app interfaces, website interfaces, interactive dashboards, e-commerce applications, social & interactive real time apps and custom widgets. The platform, by virtue of being an open source framework, offers exceptionally scalable and secure development options.

Advanced features and versatile functions

The Google maintained platform is one among the most simplified learning platforms for front-end development, with superior functionality. The range of features that can be packed into scalable apps are powerful to meet all requirements of businesses, including the most complex ones. The use of codes that are easy to decipher and understand lend it greater reusability for building web applications that are driven by data. This explains the popularity of this open sources framework as the platform of choice for a large number of companies that look for a feature rich web application.

Distinct advantages of AngularJS

The distinct advantages of AngularJS development are the simplified architecture, the ability to streamline and enhance the deliverables and the options of reusing components in a very effective manner. The platform naturally supports parallel development, offering engagement models that are highly flexible. Additionally, the ability to create custom widgets, with simplified testing and less code give it greater flexibility. Reusability of components makes this platform a favourite for angular frontend developers. The features and functionalities are a long list that explain the virtual dominance of the platform.

Take2 Technologies with core experience in building complex applications for businesses across domains has consistently delivered superior solutions to clients by leveraging the power of this open source framework. Big ticket projects and customised solutions for small businesses have been regularly developed, by banking on the expertise of the team. The consolidation that the framework offers with various technologies on the server side makes this a great choice for developer teams and clients alike. We can help you to hire a dedicated angular frontend developer or the complete team without any hassle.