Touted to be the most suitable open source cross platform JS environment for data intensive, real time applications, Node.JS is a lightweight and event driven solution that has delivered efficiency to clients worldwide. Despite the tag of being ideal for client side scripting, it is also used extensively for server side scripting. The high scalability that it offers permits solutions to handle multiple connections simultaneously. The lightweight solution helps build applications that are fast with high levels of customization.

Superior knowhow of teams at Take2 Technologies

Teams at Take2 Technologies possess strong server side programming skills in JavaScript including ExpressJS and Strong Loop. The technical prowess in backend development makes it easy for our teams to deliver integration of third party applications. Functioning as a cohesive unit, our teams have successfully concluded the application development process by working in close co-ordination with front end developers. The full stack developers on the team combine with specialists to offer greater value to applications.

Standout features and advantages of customised Node.JS application development

Reusable Codes – Developers get to write code on server side and client side rendering it easier to send data.
Cross-Platform – The cross-platform runtime environment makes it easy to develop server-side and web applications that work on all operating systems.
Highly Scalable – High scalability makes it a network application that is easy to build with event-driven models.
Real-time Applications – By virtue of being event-driven it is the perfect choice real time data-intensive applications.
Event Driven – The server-based application dispenses with the need for data to return from the API, resulting in slashed costs.
Server Side Development – Emerges as the best choice for application development, in addition to compatibility across different OS.

Combine advantages with superior programming skills

When you hire teams from Take2 Technologies for Node.JS Development, you receive the twin advantages of a great open source platform with superior programming skills of the team. The pool of programmers with vast and impressive experience in Java programming, have extensive exposure to the full technology stack. Leverage the power of this combination to fully meet your requirements and meet business objectives with the perfect customized solution.