This open source Java Stack offers developers the best platform to create feature-rich, dynamic portal and web applications. Acronym for MongDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS and Node.JS, this is a single solution for developing projects with the full stack of JavaScript, used in both back end and front end applications. Offering great flexibility and simplified development tools, MEAN stack offers developers the ability to customize web apps for an innovative solution that delivers great UI/UX design components.

Unrivalled competencies

At Take2 Technologies, our teams possess unmatched expertise across the stack – from web apps, real time apps, migration services to an user centric CMS portal. The collaborative approach deployed by the team helps in delivering the solutions as per specific client requirements. The specialisation of the team translates into end to end services for the client, resulting in scalable, high performance, lightweight apps. Are you looking for a flexible solution? A solution with event driven architecture? Leverage the expertise of teams at Take2 Technologies in MEAN Stack development for the following services.

  • ExpressJS Design and Development
  • AngularJS Design and Development
  • NodeJS Development Mobile App Development
  • Application Development
  • CMS development
  • API Development, Integration
  • Migration Services
  • Support and Maintenance

Distinct advantages of MEAN Stack for that edge

MEAN Stack offers distinct unbeatable advantages. The whole stack use JavaScript language, which eliminates the need for learning a separate or new language. The framework is open source, which translates into robust community support. Reusable codes makes it ultra flexible and scalable. The event driven architecture and the ability to handle large volumes makes it a high performer. It seamlessly integrates with the cloud, and this will count as one of the most powerful advantages. Additionally, the single page web applications are easy to build and test.

MEAN Stack components in a nutshell

MongoDB – Open source cross-platform document oriented database program, is a NoSQL database program widely used.
ExpressJS – This web application framework for Node.JS is open source and used for building apps and APIs.
AngularJS – Open source front end web application framework used in developing single page applications.
NodeJS – Open source, cross platform environment used for client side scripting and embedding in HTML.