As a versatile scripting platform for creating dynamic web page content, PHP is one among the more preferred languages among experts. Our team of developers have rich experience in using this powerful platform to create stunning web pages for clients. We have all that it takes to deliver the most dynamic web page content for clients, through this powerful embedded language.

Superior customization options

Our solutions by default come with superior customization options. Regardless of requirements, our solutions are designed to offer the richest and most domain specific features imaginable. This stems from our expertise in this platform, and the large number of projects that we have successfully completed on behalf of clients, straddling different sectors and domains. This rich experience has helped us to leverage knowledge gained and deliver solutions.

Powerful and popular Content Management Systems through WordPress

We offer powerful content management systems through the most popular Open Source tool, that is a product of PHP. Without the right CMS your website runs the risk of being considered uninspiring and outdated without refreshed content. This is where our expertise in leveraging the power of WordPress Plugins and Templates has transformed the websites of clients. Not only have we delivered superior experience to the visitors of clients websites, we have helped clients curb costs towards development of sites and slashed the time required for development of CMS.

Fast and reliable web applications through CodeIgniter

With experience on our side we know what it takes to help websites stand out in a crowded digital world. Our expertise in CodeIgniter, one of the most popular open source tool for web frameworks, empowers us to deliver superior solutions. Despite the small footprint of this versatile framework, it is a proven resource for developing full featured web applications. The combination of proven expertise and the powerful features of the framework facilitate the development of intuitive and dynamic websites, including the option of using one back end code engine for handling many websites.

The Take2 advantage that can never be traded off

Our solutions come with advantages that can never be traded off for anything else. These advantages help us in building light, flexible, reliable and fast PHP web applications. Our processes are seamless, with teams hand holding each stage till the next stage fully takes over. The advantages of powerful applications include the option of using non-restrictive coding rules, simplicity, easy scalability, and compatibility. This ensures that the solutions are user friendly, giving visitors a rich experience while making it to search engine results easily. You get to manage databases easily, and can leverage the strong support of the open source community with the latest updates.

At Take2, the emphasis is on building solutions that fully meet client expectations, while rolling out an exceptional experience to the visitors. When you use our PHP development services, you get a solution that is simplified, scalable, reliable and powerful. We deliver solutions that are customized and configured as per exact needs, making use of a rich library for superior results.

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