Understandably, Moodle™ learning management system is the most popular, secure, leading, and managing e-school and corporate services globally. Moodle™ learning management system is an e-learning management system that supports many platforms. It offers high rank and excellent features like aristocratic custom-fit with add-on modules. It is one of the finest fits for education and training portals. It is the best alternative yet for virtual-learning websites. LMS Moodle™ is authentic, well-founded, and vigorous. It offers multitudinous options and custom-fits to meet clients’ requirements and expectations. It is feature-rich and incorporates forums, submission options for students, online chats, and calendars, It is the most exclusive fit for building an


At Take2 Technologies, we have a skillful team of highly trained LMS developers with experienced resources who flourish the solutions as per our client’s requirements and expectations. We aim to meet clients’ expectations, and with this, we achieve happy clients. Our team collaborates by offering you end-to-end fixes, beginning with rigorous planning and continuing post-delivery to help with transmutation and assessment of solutions. It allows clients to assess, monitor, and engage students or participants successfully and effectively. Our team assists clients in creating new designs or bringing about satisfactory transmutation to manage and maintain existing designs for effective use.

Our services bestride all areas, including:

  • Theme Design & Development
  • Server deployment
  • Integration Services
  • Customization Services
  • Module Development
  • Plug-in Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Site Maintenance and Support
  • Moodle™ Mobile App Design & Development


Well, speaking of experience, we have worked with high ticket projects and small projects, which makes us and our experience the best match to handle projects of any size and nature. Our prowess is in creating Moodle™-based solutions. And it has conferred us respect, prominence, and trustworthiness that few have matched. Custom-built fixes have resulted in excellent quality solutions for our clients who belong from various platforms, a learning management system for students, offering a whole suite of services to match particular requirements. We have happily and victoriously helped our clients include supplementary functionalities and effectiveness to subsisting e-school and corporate modules, assisting portals in quickly widening the scope of operations. We provide you with a cloud-based learning management system.


Moodle™ learning management system has stuck out features that incorporate the potentiality to provide a great learning experience to participants/students. It turns into a result of extensive involvement and participation of students. By modernized and aerodynamic delivery of content with a competent and persuasive platform and proffering forums and chat options, participants in programs gain the experience and find it a lot more convenient. The setting of standards assists them in giving training and education a formal touch to maintain and keep up the prominence of sanctified portals of learning. Moodle™ is an online learning management system. For instance, it provided an elearning platform for educational contributors worldwide. In addition, it helped create various courses, assignments, dashboards, and other tasks as well. Access to online learning is increasing, and Moodle™ LMS is a free software to use.


As the most popular e-learning management system platform provider, Moodle™ LMS has helped refine the learning experience for education portals and training institutions. The functional and adaptable platform has been credited with establishing many sites across different scales and magnitude of the operation. Developed through IONIC, it carries the compelling features of the language, pliant, highly custom-built, and feature-rich. A large number of add-ons and modules help in shaping a powerful eLearning management system platform.LMS Moodle™ is an open-source learning management system. It is used by learners worldwide in huge numbers. Above all, moodle learning management system provides security, privacy, flexible learning, easy integration, and access to many more features. You need to think about and consider tons of things when choosing the right LMS Development platform. We at Take2 Technologies offer solutions that are efficient and time-saving.


Some of the groundbreaking features on offer with e-learning apps include:

Discussion forum – This presents users to enter into discussion forums and bring on the threaded discussion on numerous topics.

Grading – The grading of responses puts forward a quick estimate for participants in a training program.

Document submission – The application provides users with the option of using it as a medium for submitting documents.

Chat – By using this option, users will be able to share messages with tutors and classmates, and they can discuss topics of interest. Assistance can be sought and given through the chat options instantly.

Calendar – This application will help users mark and block their calendars for important activities, including submissions and exam timelines.

Notices – Users can use this app as a program to circulate important information to users through notifications.
Access to courses – Users can get quick details on courses enrolled. This can be a great help to understand more about the courses, subjects, content, and resources in addition to joining conversations, debates and conferences, and directions about the course and syllabus.

Multi-language support – The app is constructed to offer support in multiple languages so that users can select the language of their choice.

Support for multi-site operations – Users can easily login onto multiple sites with a single recommendation from the e-learning app. This passes out the need to manage multiple logins for different e-learning sites. Users find this option particularly helpful when enrolling in many programs.

Multi-user support – This app allows users to switch between sites after logging into various e-learning sites with a single recommendation. This option would be exceptionally suitable for users who need access to multiple sites after enrolling in different programs.

Sharing through social media – The app provides the link option so that users can have the power of sharing content or forwarding the same through social media.

Web-version access – Web-version access is one of the highlights of the app. This feature allows users access to the web version through the app to carry out more complicated operations, including maintaining user-profiles and paying out the payments.

At Take2 Technologies, our LMS developers have constantly delivered high-ranking and best quality results to our clients, happily helping to offer more excellent value to our users who count on the app. we got the users who use the e-learning management system happily developed by Take2 Technologies. They have reported high user experience and satisfaction in feedback.
Being a provider of learning management systems for students and clients, we at Take2 Technologies happily offer managed Moodle™ hosting, maintenance, and support services to our clients. The quality level support ensures that the service boasts of one of the highest up-time, combined with high speed, robust security, and high-ranking backup measures. The people looking for cost-efficient solutions for their Moodle™ hosting, Moodle™ support, and maintenance requirements and demands will find us an ideal match in Take2 Technologies.


While Developing LMS patches and updates are consistent features for a popular territory to learn content management. And the use of a support and maintenance service assists clients to remain updated on the e-learning management systems. Take2 Technologies upholds the support pillar and maintenance to clients by assuring that

  • Configuration is as per requirements
  • The version is up to date
  • Applying security patches
  • Providing complete operational support
  • Providing backup and restoration
  • Troubleshooting fixes issues swiftly


Take2 Technologies presented the commitments formed to meet users’ requirements and demands through VPS and dedicated servers where substantial traffic is experienced. The excellent support is achieved due to qualified brilliance and strong infrastructure support. The non-theoretical support presented to clients is exceptional to the extent that complex and new issues that are fixed will find their way to the clique for internalization as a fix in succeeding releases.


We provide cloud-based learning management systems, and our LMS developer provides you end-to-end support.Take2 Technologies integrate a web tracking system to address and monitor support issues put up by clients who avail of the services. Onboarding of clients involves training key personnel on the report protocols, following which login recommendations are issued for resources. We become a dedicated medium for pointing out the issues and transmitting information about support and fixes. This reliable canal helps keep the support and maintenance teams in touch with clients throughout the commitment period for swift interference at all times.


Take2 Technologies also presents highly custom-made fixes as per clients’ special needs. These solutions differ from on-call support and maintenance services to remote assistance and client-side support and maintenance. The special customized packages are cost-efficient options for clients who wish to opt for in-house hosting, with functional and exclusive support for specific issues. The resources at disposal and the proficiency levels authorize Take2 Technologies to proffer these services.


Take2 Technologies obtain the framework, resources, and proficiency to manage all requirements. This gives teams comprehensive subjection to issues, resulting in swift interruption. As a certified e-learning partner, the updates and beneficence to the clique help Take2 Technologies take advantage of this proficiency in managing clients’ needs smoothly. This assists in keeping the downtime to levels as low as .01%, which is insignificant, allowing the number of issues that may crop up. By following a quality level set of processes for managing issues, the skillful teams are furnished to quickly point out the issue and support the client with quick fixes.

We offer high-notch services for learning management systems in India and globally. Moodle™ e-learning management system in India proves to be a better resource for many universities, schools, and organizations. Moodle™ learning management system helps remarkably provide improved performances and results for administrators as well as learners. Contact us to get e learning management system and cloud based learning management systems for your institute.

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