Moodle™ Platform Dev Services for Code Publication Company

Moodle™ Platform Dev Services for Code Publication Company

1. Client  

 President of “Orderline Company”

2. Introduction 

Moodle™ is a powerful platform for eLearning. Moodle™ is created to redefine user experience and improve online teaching and learning for educators, learners, and administrators. The client was looking for such a platform. This project involved the creation of Moodle™ platform dev services for a code publication company.

3. Challenge 

Orderline company’s development platform was custom-built via another contractor, which has already reached to limited growth capacity. The client was searching for another platform for growth capacity. Moodle™ was one of the platforms that they looked for. 

4. Solutions/ Project Approach

Moodle™ is an educational platform where one can host courses, show videos, link to books, do some scoring, testing, and certification tasks, and perform other things. The client was looking for such a platform and found Moodle™ appropriate for their company. The client found Take2 Technologies the finest to work with due to its expertise in Moodle™ development.

Take2’s technical lead along with his team builds all of these into the platform according to the client’s specifications and then integrates them with other systems including email marketing platforms, e-commerce platforms, and various digital dashboards.

Take2 Technologies also created APIs for other applications.

With little information provided, the Team of Take2 sourced other information on their own. And came up with better design parameters. The prior experience and expertise in working with Moodle™ made this project a successful wrap-up.

5. Results

Throughout the process, the Technical lead of Take2 proved to the client that Moodle™ would be the most appropriate platform for them to use. 

Currently, the platform is operational, and there are no glitches. When glitches were found, suggested solutions and coordinated resources took into account to fix the problem. 

6. Client Review 

“They can come up with design parameters that exceed what I’ve originally done.” – President, Orderline.

The client is deeply impressed with Take2 Technologies’ ability to not only develop their platform but also expand into other roles outside of the project and their initial scope of work. Take2 Technologies successfully grasped the client’s end goals and contributed to the success of the firm’s processes. 

7. Current Status

The project was started in February 2020, and the engagement is ongoing. With phase one, the Moodle™ platform is completed. The client is going into phase two, and the next project with the technical lead of Take2 Technologies. 

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“Take2 Technologies” has in-depth knowledge of optimizing enterprise-level Moodle™ learning management systems. It consists of a team of dedicated and passionate Moodle™ developers with years of experience. 

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