4 Applications to bring real-time improvement in the world

4 Applications to bring real-time improvement in the world

The world today has transformed into an amazing digital ground with all the sources of convenience at one single click on the smart phones. Indeed, technical advancement has changed the world into a smart globe. There was a generation prior to 2008, completely unaware of the fact that how their surrounding is soon going to be transformed. The whole business industry has made its pathway to online applications with different technical languages and structures to provide totally different e-services and has gained the advantage of first-ever players back then.
It is noteworthy to mention how few mobile applications acquired the attention of worldwide customers in no time. Undoubtedly, the silver line for the excessive success of these applications was “nothing like that launched before.” Hence, to begin as a mobile application development agency, Take2 Technologies is presenting “introduction to four revolutionary application development strategies” that has brought real-time improvement in the world. Take a glimpse—

E-commerce platform to surface the India Retail Industry using customer data

E-commerce platforms are leading with the high-flying mission and have started to shell the India Retail Industry by 51 percent merchandise value in the year 2017, counted as the highest all over the world. Since ever introduction of e-commerce platforms, brands have categorized their products & services into distinctive sorts, some of those are education, entertainment, Echo, studios, Fire TV, Web Services and so on! Alongside, the instant growth of the online brands have set the benchmark of growth of Indian market as high as $US 200 billion in year 2026. As per statics of 2008, one of the Indian e-commerce platforms came across attracting approx 615 million visitors at the Global level.
In noteworthy of mentioning, these online shopping platforms consider practicing Big Data Analytics for the sole purpose of making the right recommendation for the customers. In the force of being “one stop shop online” at the very stage, entrepreneurs lack on the rich-customer insights and further, lose customers at drop off. To recover from this issue, Customer Data is one of the major keys as through worldwide customer data, the e-commerce platforms are able to make the right recommendation to the customers as per his/her choice, wealth, budget timeline, taste and preference. How?
Shockingly, this customer data involves customer’s location or shipping address (to figure out income level), product search, and buying history, product searching history, uploaded reviews and feedbacks. Through the collection of Data, brands come across predicting the factors akin to customer’s age, customers’ occupation, and customers’ lifestyle. Hence, make recommendations accordingly. Today, prominent e-commerce platforms take into recording customers’ data as per the behaviour of customer on-site.

E-Wallet, pay through mobile

Online wallet and payment applications have bring the convenience to shop online and no-cash world into existence. Many entrepreneurs started with E-wallet idea and had been rejected in the past due to lack of trust of old generation towards online payment. Indeed, people called it a sensitive matter as they are afraid to lose money while trying an e-wallet. However, somehow the idea of E-wallets finally came into reality in India and new as well as the immediate generation appreciated the convenience that it brought. Apparently, e-wallets have grasped success and today the business value of e-wallets in India is $5 billion dollars a day. Alongside, e-wallet has also grasped quite a prominence among the online shopaholics. The accomplishment of online shopping feature in e-wallets wasn’t even quick but appreciable. Statistics state that branded e-wallets in India have capital investment of approx $445 millions to make it more convenient for the customers online.
Seeking the Logistics Start-ups lacking tech capabilities, many companies have planned to invest $150 Million in Logistics Data companies for the sole purpose of making the delivery aspect of E-wallet courier associations’ service efficient at the highest level along with real-time tracking options. This action of E-wallet companies has come from the Big Data Analytics performed that showcased insights comprising in Distribution network Gap, barriers in Supply chain and inventory mismanagement.

E-commerce platform to win online customers via behavioural gender strategy

E-commerce platforms that are leading in India’s retail Industry are openly in competition with each other. Many of online companies at first focused on the distribution of one product (like books), on the contrary, later invested in categories of the product comprising in electronics, fashion, and lifestyle products. As per the recent statics, multiple-product holding e-commerce platforms have concluded to hold approx 40 percent of Market share in the context of India’s Retail Industry. Also, they have held 100 million customers with the outstanding shopping experience at Global level.
Indeed, at the very stage of expansion, some e-commerce platforms considered “behavioral gender” as one of the actions against the Big Data Analytics and the customer insights granted by the same. For instance, they have given an option to the users to choose its gender while looking for the specific product Online. This “behavioral gender” is basically an automated methodology which works as per the behavior of the user while shopping via the mobile App.
Otherwise, experienced and successful entrepreneurs stated: “behaviour gender is only one of the aspects of customer insights; other aspects include demographics and other activities of users on the app to recommend the right product to the customer.”
The used Big Data approach has assisted these platforms in enhancing Customer satisfaction by 3 times as comparable to last decade. Alongside, Discount wars have been aroused as a strategy among many online shopping sites which helps in maintaining surplus shoulder-to-shoulder.

E-Travel Applications

E-travel brands have brought the tradition of “everyone’s private driver” into existence. Today, an American multinational transportation network company with the mission to lead as the technically advanced private mode of transportation with services set up in over 780 metropolitan cities all over the world is setting a higher benchmark for upcoming entrepreneurs. Indeed, there are few e-travel brands which have earned success at the global level in the transportation industry with 69% of US market share. 2019 customer records of e-travel mentions “110 million users’ engagement at the e-travel mobile application per brand.”
These travel applications have some amazing features through which customers can track their driver reaching the set destination. Indeed, women find it highly comfortable and safe to travel with drivers as they have quick access to helpline number on the app itself. Alongside, it gives freedom to ride irrespective of time and place.
Without a doubt, since ever the introduction and success of E-travelling applications, many private transportation agencies have come up with their own online brand strategies and mobile applications.
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