Development Frameworks Of 2021

Development Frameworks Of 2021

This year started with new challenges for development. And, so For a naive web developer, it can be hard to decide which one would be best for career advancement. And So, there is a wide range of options available for using an open-source framework.

I let my browsers interpret what is suitable for them. and so I have come up with a list of the best ten open-source frameworks. I also listed their essential characteristics that stand out this year. And, so this list will make you understand why you should adopt a framework. Because I’ve listed them in order of their relevance – No. 1 is most relevant, and No. 10 is least. So In this article, I presented some clarity on which ones to adopt/learn in 2021.

1) React

Number 1 on my list is React, Created by Facebook. So it is a JavaScript library for writing responsive single-page web applications. Unlike Angular, which is a complete framework. React is something with framework features.

React framework functions more or less like a library. And this framework is an underlying concept. And such as components, use of JSX, and inversion of control. So, these concepts are bringing it very close to being a *framework*. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Yahoo, and Khan Academy are the big names that use React.

React for development

So, React is the most promising single-page web application development library in the market. So, with projects like React Native, it is clear that React will expand its boundaries. And become an even more robust and comprehensive platform soon. So This should be at the top of your list.

Essential features of React for development

  • Uses JSX, a syntax extension for JavaScript that provides support for pseudo-HTML coding.
  • React has a simple design than Angular.
  • DOM Rendering Made Simple With Components.
  • Easier to learn and deploy than Angular.

2)  Angular

The Angular framework is a TypeScript based web application framework. So, It is an excellent choice for building single-page web applications. Google created and maintained this framework, and it is popular in the open. Angular is the next more sophisticated version of the before famous AngularJS.

There are over 15.4K streams on the standard repository of Angular on GitHub. And 28.8K turns on the official container of its predecessor AngularJS. So The association and help for Angular are immense and durable. So, It is something that will likely continue. And all thanks to Google.

Angular for development

There are some helpful tutorials and lessons to get started with Angular. And these tutorials are available for free. Google is active in releasing versions of Angular. So, A new updated version comes out almost every week. And So, this is the table below with some latest versions.

^12.0.0 Active May 12, 2021 Nov 12, 2021 Nov 12, 2022
^11.0.0 LTS Nov 11, 2020 May 11, 2021 May 11, 2022
^10.0.0 LTS Jun 24, 2020 Dec 24, 2020 Dec 24, 2021

Essential features of Angular for development

  • It uses TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript. And it enables the development of large-scale web applications.
  • Web components development is easy with Angular.
  • It comes with a built-in powerful CLI.
  • Uses one-way data binding
  • Uses MVVM (Model-View-View-Model)

Angular is a sought-after web application framework that has tons of potentials. Some big companies support this framework. And if you are a professional web developer, it is mandatory to be good at Angular.

3) Express

Express is the most popular and, by all means, the standard server framework for Node.js. It is open-source, and it makes life a lot easier for web developers. It takes care of many jargons associated with deploying web applications. Intuit, OpenGov, Myntra, Accenture and BlaBlaCar are some larger companies. And these companies use Express to build and maintain their web applications.

There is an immense association of open-source developers and practitioners operating with Express. 5.5 million developers use its standard repository on GitHub. and it has 7.8K streams. There are some great tutorials free online for learning both Node.js and Express. And they launch every eight months a new version of Express.

Express for development

The association of Node.js enthusiasts is increasing. And it brings the usefulness in the style of a server-side JavaScript-based framework. So Express earns to be in the top 3 of your list. There is a steep learning curve with Express. And that is because the JavaScript you practice with Node.js is very distinct from what you’re used to disposing on the front-end. The effort is worth it. But If you haven’t tried it, it won’t be worth it. And this is the chance to begin. So take it and use it.

Essential features of Express for development

  • Makes Node.js easier to use and less error-prone.
  • Good for building robust APIs.
  • Makes it easy to route and handle requests.

4)  Vue

Vue is an open-source JavaScript-based library. We can use it for building single-page web applications. Well, It is not a framework by itself. It is a combination of some other back-end tools. So, it can act as a framework for your web application. Since its launch in 2014, Vue has risen to prominence in the web development community. Big companies are using Vue to build Reactive User Interfaces. For example – Nintendo, Adobe, and GitLab.

Vue has a great open source community, with over 1.2 million developers. And that access the official repositories on GitHub. Also, it has 23.3K forks. You will find many great free tutorials online. The release is slow, with one coming out every eight months.

Vue for development

The significant selling point of Vue compared to React is its simplicity. And it requires installation, whereas Vue is a plug-and-play library. The progressive nature of Vue, coupled with the convenience of JavaScript. And that makes the former an excellent choice for sharpening your front-end skills. I recommend learning and using Vue in 2021 and beyond.

Key features of Vue for development

  • The biggest advantage with Vue is that it is progressive, that is, you can plug it into any web app that is running on any framework without making changes to the latter.
  • You can separate the use of Vue on your website into a single module if you wish.
  • Follows the MVV model
  • is responsive, that is, fast and responsive to user input, regardless of network speed or latency.

5)  Django

JavaScript-based frameworks are all the craze in the business. But, Django continues relevant in 2021 and will live so in the future. It harnesses the potential of Python and extracts from its integrity. So, creating Django applications can be a blast and a worthwhile experience. And this can be fun, especially if you are a Python enthusiast.

Django for development

Essential features of Django for development

  • Uses MVC Models
  • Python is easy to learn and skills-based.
  • Django is secure.
  • Django applications are scalable.

When to choose Django

Django is one of the most structured frameworks out there. Still, It is more adapted for web apps that are sturdy and manage the back-end. Also, when you have tons of companies/activities going on, Django is a good alternative. You can pick Django when developing inventory management, CRM systems. And it can be beneficial for social networking sites.

6)  Laravel

Laravel can be an excellent framework to use. But, keep in mind that a good understanding of PHP is a prerequisite. Nothing is lacking in Laravel. To be sure, Django seems to be a more sought-after web development framework. Especially among the growing number of Python enthusiasts.

We all know that a large chunk of the Internet still operates on PHP. So learning Laravel has its benefits. Laravel has a productive open source community with an established repository on GitHub. Additionally, there’s no deficiency of excellent quality free tutorials on Laravel.

Laravel for development

Essential features of Laravel for development

  • Uses PHP
  • Follows the MVC model
  • There is a large ecosystem of different tools like Vapor, Forge, Envoy.
  • Very secure compared to other PHP frameworks.

When to choose Laravel

Web developers choose the Laravel framework to ease web development tasks. So, It can simplify real-time event broadcasting.
Laravel is a framework that builds a robust background and job processing. Laravel is a framework that builds a robust background and job processing. So, Laravel can help you to develop large and sturdy web applications. With Laravel, you can also experience high performance and scalability in your web apps.


ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web developing structure. So, we can write code for web applications using VBScript (Visual Basic Script) or C#. Starting in 2002, ASP.NET has grown to a great extent. Big companies that work with the ASP.NET framework for their websites. For example – Microsoft, GoDaddy, Dell, and Taco Bell.

ASP,NET for development

PHP outperforms ASP.NET in speed and performance. ASP.NET outperforms PHP in compilation and execution speed. So You can build some very robust web applications using ASP.NET. And there is a steep learning curve with C# or VBScript. So,If you are a experienced web developer, I would recommend you to try ASP.NET,

Essential features of ASP.NET for development

  • Uses the MVC model of development
  • Ideal for developers who are already familiar with C#

8) Spring

Spring is an application development framework and uses the MVC model. And, so it has several projects that enhance the versatility and use cases of the framework. Spring is a web development framework. But we can use it much more than that. So Big names using Spring include MIT, Intuit, Fitbit, and Accenture.

Thanks to Java developers. So, Spring has an active open source community with the official repository on GitHub. It has a fair bit of tutorials available online. But the learning curve is a bit steep as it requires a deep understanding of Java before you can dive into it. There are new releases every month.

Spring for development

There’s a lot you can do with Spring. Like this enables you to extend your web application to So many different domains. So, If you are comfortable with Java, definitely go for it.

Essential features of Spring for development

  • There is a wide range of collaborative projects. And we can use them in a framework including a cloud-based service.
  • It uses concepts like Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection. And that makes the framework unique.
  • It uses the MVC model of development.

9) Rails

Ruby on Rails is the most sophisticated web development framework. So It is a server-side web application framework that follows the MVC model. And it provides the default structure for databases and web pages. Many top companies like Airbnb, Bloomberg, and GitHub used Rails.

Trends show that Rails developers get paid more. Ruby’s usage is at an all-time low, and more developers are moving to JavaScript for web development. Second, Ruby is a troublesome language to learn and has a steep learning curve.

Ruby for development

So this has led to fewer developers joining the Ruby community. Making good programmers for Rails is an invaluable asset to many companies. And for those who rely on the framework. Rails aren’t going away in 2021 or the near future. So, if you are a novice open-source web developer, keep Rails on your wish list.

Essential features of Rails for development

  • Uses Ruby, which has a great open source community and resources
  • Includes a wide range of ready-made plugins
  • Uses the MVC model of development
  • Uses the MIT License
  • It is cost and time-effective for development.

When to choose Ruby on Rails

Choose a Rails framework when you want your web developers to build your app by simplifying repetitive and simple tasks. So, Ruby on Rails accelerates your app development. And, so this is why you choose this framework to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for startups.

10) CakePHP

CakePHP is an open-source web development framework. It’s reliable for rapid prototyping. So, It provides a wide range of built-in resources that are ready to use like – translation, database access, caching, authentication. Companies with different capabilities for web development use it. For instance – Deloitte, Fusik, as well as others.

CakePhp for development

CakePHP has an active online community. 9.2K developers used the official repository of CakePHP on GitHub. But, there is a lack of quality tutorials available for CakePHP. And, so it involves a steep learning curve as you need to be quite familiar with PHP.

Essential features of CakePHP for development

  • Uses PHP7
  • We can deploy it to create rapid prototyping.
  • Uses MVC Models
  • Several built-in modules are ready to use
  • Uses the MIT License

Frameworks are much more than just creating a development environment. They help define a set of standards that programmers can follow while working collectively. So, when you choose a specific framework, you adopt the special tools and methodologies associated with that framework. And, this also means that you should be mindful of your choices because you may end up with processes that do not suit your project. So, Get in touch with us for more updates about trending frameworks for development.

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