Proctoring Quiz Access Rule Plugin to Take eLearning to the Next Level

Proctoring Quiz Access Rule Plugin to Take eLearning to the Next Level

What Is Proctoring? 

With the implementation of eLearning, it is easier to access the learning process. Online learning has made its place already in the market and is in high demand. With time, the need for e-learning has increased tremendously. 

Now with the rise in eLearning, there comes the requirement for safe and secure exams and that seems quite challenging in the online learning environment. To resolve this challenge, proctored exams are introduced that consist of authenticating students’ IDs, tracking time, and watching students to ensure that they are following test guidelines and instructions.

Proctoring software is a well-turned-out platform that comes with the potential to prevent cheating in exams. It ensures the protected tracking of the tests and other required verifications. It is the ultimate need of the future as it helps prevent any suspicious activities during online exams. Online proctoring software monitors using audio and a webcam.

Why One Should Use Proctoring in eLearning?

Now, with the need for proctored exams, it is essential to understand why one should apply proctoring in eLearning. Let’s have a look at this in more detail.

With the rise in demand for eLearning, most institutions, schools, universities, and corporate training are using online proctoring software for several reasons. The reasons for using online proctoring in eLearning are mentioned below:

  • Many students prefer online learning, and regular exam formats are being moved over to eLearning platforms.
  • Online exams are cost-effective and much more convenient for students and teachers in terms of test scheduling and time management.
  • Instead of gathering in one room, online exams are easy to take all around the world.
  • It also detects potential cheating behavior and monitors students’ suspicious activities while taking home exams.
  • With the help of proctoring, online courses can be offered without quality degradation.
  • It comes with the feature of identity verification and keeps track of deceptive activities.

How is Proctoring Beneficial to Avoid Cheating?

Proctoring plays a vital role in online exams and holds numerous benefits. It is the integrated platform that maintains and preserves the integrity of online exams by providing tools that support various functionalities to carry out the exams in a secure way. It supports the authentication process.

  • Diversified Device Detection– Numerous types of devices like cell phones, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. are accessible to instructors and students. Few proctoring services have reached the point where they can detect multiple devices. This is how proctoring helps in avoiding cheating and acts as a bonus point for the instructors. 
  • Data Security Proctoring tools provide data protection and privacy. Data security and data protection are necessary for preventing information leaking and hacking. 
  • Lockdown Browser Within a proctored system setting, the lockdown browser holds the capacity to terminate a student’s capability to make use of their computers to search for answers on the internet. It also forbids the students from accessing any applications or other areas within the computer system.
  • Video Proctoring– Video proctoring consists of the use of hardware devices like computers and webcams to observe the users during any online exams. Video proctoring software comes with scanning software through a webcam that verifies a student’s ID. Some video proctoring includes helpful automation systems that consist of identifying factors like keyboard patterns (such as keypresses’ speed, time duration for holding the mouse, patterned typing measurements, etc.).
  • Group Proctoring– You can generate a proctor group if you want to allocate students with a proctor group apart from their default class group. The proctor generated by you comes with a unique test code and proctor password.
  • Identity Verification– Identity verification is eminently essential nowadays and a proctoring platform keeps a keen eye on the record of the righteousness of the exam-taker and fraudulent activities.
  • Voice Detection- A good proctored software is capable of detecting the voice. Proctoring uses robust AI that allows a stress-free environment for both parties and avoids wrong flags.

Advantages of Conducting Secure Proctored Examinations Using Proctoring Quiz Access Rule Plugin

Recently, Take2 Technologies’ team launched a plugin named – “Proctoring Quiz Access Rule Plugin” that is live on the Moodle directory. It proposes quiz surveillance through the proctoring interface. It turns out as a fruitful plugin in sending cautioned warnings for unfair participation.

The several advantages of using it are mentioned below-

  • Offers a hassle-free approach.
  • Offers remote proctoring on Moodle™ quizzes.
  • Ensures the streamlined assessment of the candidate.
  • Ensures the integrity of your exams.
  • Prevents any potential cheating behavior of the candidates. 
  • Offers assured entrance exams for skilled candidates.
  • Drives effective on-the-job training and testing.

Why Use the Proctoring Quiz Access Rule Plugin in Moodle™?

Remotely proctored testing is an ongoing beneficial journey. It is a fundamental part of teaching and learning. 

With seemingly unlimited proctoring technology, multiple options are available at present. Take2 Technologies’ “Proctoring Quiz Access Rule Plugin” on Moodle™ is fruitful in managing the academic integrity of your online exams. 

“Proctoring Quiz Access Rule Plugin” is easy to use and offers numerous features like identity verification, a custom number of warnings, a proctoring interface, and automatic quiz submission when warnings are completed.

Also, it comes with seamless features like facial recognition, use of smartphones, gaze detection, etc. that make it stand out from other solutions available on Moodle™. 


With the rapid rise in the popularity of online education, one should take measures to ensure academic integrity. 

If you want to know more about these features, get in touch with Take2 Technologies! We will be happy to assist you with a proctoring software demo and answer all your queries.

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