Moodle™ Development, How did it all start?

Moodle™ Development, How did it all start?

Every successful journey starts from somewhere. In our previous blogs, we have discussed various technical aspects. This article will let you know how the Moodle™ app development journey took place at Take2 Technologies.
As we know, it takes the first step to start anything.

Similarly, to lead the foundation of Take2 Technologies in Moodle™ app development, we took the first step years ago. There have been many steps to embark on the journey in all these years. Let’s start with the story of our growth journey.

1. The Idea

The rise of anything begins with an idea. With a transparent approach and a bigger perception, the idea of this journey took place. In 2011, Mahendra Soni, the founder of Take2 Technologies was doing his job just like many other people. There he was involved in projects for schools, and as a techie, for 1.5 years, he found working with plugins monotonous and dull. In  2013, while working for his company, Mahendra was assigned to work on the Moodle™ project. Being involved in the technical work, Mahendra handled the Moodle™ project very well in his job.

He was able to sort out the codes in the proper format and fixed the challenges. The project went on for one year. He solved the challenges and resolved the technical issues. After working on a Moodle™ project, he found it fascinating. The engrossment and keen curiosity for e-learning started in his mind.

And with that, he cultivated the idea of starting his own service agency. Working on the projects for Moodle™ development, planted his curiosity, and that’s how the idea to initiate his company occurred. This idea and working with several projects was the beginning and a quick start to keep the foundation of Take2 Technologies. There was the idea of working together as a team and starting his own company. And, the idea worked.

2. Beginning of the Foundation

Keeping in mind customer satisfaction and innovation, Take2 Technologies laid its foundation in April 2016. It started with three friends, Mahendra Soni (Founder), Sunil Chhipa, and Ankita Kabra (Co-founders), who were curious to bring out ordinary ideas and work together to solve bigger problems. As with keeping the company’s foundation, Take2 Technologies started customization for clients in the Moodle™ Mobile App Development. The clients showed interest and the services were provided because of the vast community of Moodle™.

Moodle™ is an open-source learning management system, and during those times, the Moodle™ community was strong for users and developers. Also, the Moodle™ community quickly responded to the doubts, and hence, it was more accessible to cooperate with the challenges faced while working with Moodle™ App Development. The rise of Take2 Technologies started with three members who worked on numerous projects. They got to work on the project and solved the challenges by presenting a better outcome for the client.

It was the beginning of the foundation, but many more engaging projects were yet to come that made us stand out in the market at present. There was a clear purpose, innovation, and teamwork while starting the company. To grow it into a more significant asset, we passed through multiple stages to bring out the best solutions for our clients. It was a powerful journey in all these years where focus on future growth was targeted. 

3. The Expansion

With time, the expansion of the team took place. After one year of Take2 Technologies, the mobile apps launched were for limited users. Later on, we started working on mobile app development apart from web development.

At initial, what seemed monotonous and dull, began our strength later. It started with three members, but the team’s expansion started to rise, first with four members and then six members and currently, there is a dedicated team for all types of services we provide.

Also, there is an increment in the number of team members as we are expanding. We have worked for various big shots, with our clientele spread worldwide. We have impacted India and the world by working on multiple projects. We have ensured that the company is working correctly and following better practices.

Team members have expanded, and with expansion in the team members, they worked to acknowledge our company’s strengths and the approaches in which they could bring out the best solutions for the world. 

4. Transition Phase

After working for all these years, the transition and incredible growth took place at Take2 Technologies.  We started following the best practices to carry out the results with Moodle™ app development. It boosted our confidence.

Apart from strengthening our website, we have also updated the content for the website. There were positive aspects to this journey of Moodle™. We worked on the  “NextGenU” project. While working for “NextGenU”, we were clear that we should focus on e-learning. And, that’s how it all started-our journey in Moodle™ app development. While working for “NextGenU” on Moodle™-related tasks, we have migrated the project from shared hosting to the AWS cloud. We accomplished all these positive traits just because of the keen interest that evolved in Moodle™ App Development.

This was the progress for Moodle™ development that we have achieved so far. In 2020, a client from “Orderline” company was looking for tech companies with  Magento and Moodle™ Development expertise. Impressed with our credibility, the client found our company Take2 Technologies better in innovative work in Moodle™ development. For the “Orderline” company, we worked on proctoring, e-commerce, and complete integration of Moodle™ development. From purchasing a product from Magento to getting access to the Moodle™ site and enrolment in the DotDigital Marketing tool, we were able to bring out the best solutions. 

Moreover, the complete process was supported with multi-tenancy where “Orderline” has to manage its corporate clients at a single location.

The challenging part of this project was that the process was functional but there were 5 different systems/platforms involved in the end-to-end integration and we reduced it to 2. The strength of Take2 Technologies was a small team with clear communication and clean code with tested results. From no prior experience to becoming the best in the industry, that’s how the journey of Take2 Technologies started in Moodle™ development.

5. Current Status

The journey of Take2 Technologies started with three members and the team has expanded after that. We provide services in Moodle™ plugin development and Moodle™ app development.

We also have expertise in other services like web development, mobile app development, ionic app development, e-commerce, cloud technologies, etc. We are known for providing top-notch solutions in one place.

At present, we have successfully delivered numerous projects to our customers globally. Our mission at Take2 Technologies is to transform the learning experience by providing the finest Moodle™ app development and Moodle™ plugin development services. Currently, administrators and learners find our platform helpful to evolve their learning skills. 

6. About the Founder 

Mahendra Soni is the founder of Take2 Technologies. He is known for his innovative ideas and enthusiasm for cutting-edge technologies. He is a proficient Full-Stack Web and Mobile Application Developer. His one decade of experience in the field of web and app development makes him stand out among others. He has brilliant skills in handling project management.

He is well known for providing satisfaction to the clients. Mahendra has provided a trustable source of design services to the nation’s capitalists, entrepreneurs, and others in the industry. He is well-versed in accomplishing and working on international projects. He is an ideal leader who understands his employees’ satisfaction and helps them grow and evolve. His technical expertise proves to be fruitful for clients worldwide. Regular updates on work progress, and assured on-time delivery, he plays a responsible role to carry out it.

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