Moodle™ 4.0, sneak peeks into the UX

Moodle™ 4.0, sneak peeks into the UX

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The time is flying and dates are approaching. And the Moodle™ community is scheduled to release Moodle™ 4.0. So, there is one good thing about the launch. And that is, it will focus on UX and improvement. Also, the release of Moodle™ will change the Moodle™ e-Learning Management System user experience. So, let’s deep dive into aspects of this release.

Key theme areas-

The new release will not only bring a clean interface but the ultimate focus also on how educator creates, duplicates, and move course context. The student’s ability to navigate the interfaces easily. Also, the focus will be on the quiz and assignment setup and workflows. The key theme areas will include improved navigation. And it also involves search and menus which will be both for teacher and student.

Besides, features such as creating a course, assignments, grade book will be beneficial for the teacher. Doing a course will include students completing the activities and the dashboard can be both for the teacher as well as a student where one can manage the tasks and can keep track of progress accuracy and timeline to accomplish. The road map also includes the testing part. And which is done remotely.

UX improvements-

The improvement will include aspects such as navigation, course editing, onboarding, other small wins, information flow, task management, and UI consistency via a component library.

What’s new in the release of Moodle™ 4.0 version?

As the anticipated release can happen soon, let’s look into what will be new features that will make it stand apart from the other releases. Moodle™ activity items are redesigned to help Moodle™ Developers in developing rapid visual references for particular activities and types, it will be easier to create and manage courses. For educators, it will act as a powerful tool as they will be able to drag and reposition activities within a course. For learners, it will be easy to understand the course structure in detail and will be helpful to keep their progression on track.

This process will help in optimizing the UX for the Moodle™ LMS user tasks and applying a user-centered design framework to the platform.

Moodle™ is all set to release soon, and for sure it will bring the handy tools and updates that will be beneficial for the admins as well as the users. And, the good part is these much-anticipated features in the new release are only months away. The new release is expected to come in March 2022.

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