Angular Front-End Development Expertise at Take2 Technologies

Angular Front-End Development Expertise at Take2 Technologies


Angular front-end developer at our company provides end-to-end solutions to your needs. We have discussed various technologies in our previous blogs.

In this article, we would like to draw your attention to the Angular front-end developer at Take2 Technologies. We provide solutions by providing various services to our clients. In this blog, we will like to let you know more about Angular front-end development.

1. Who are we?

First, let’s know who we are. Our company, Take2 Technologies was born from the passion for delivering the finest web and mobile app development services for companies around the globe. With in-depth knowledge and years of expertise, our developers create something unique, feature-rich, and fully-functional apps for billions of users for professional and personal use. We cater to diverse industries based on their technology requirements. We deliver quality-rich services. And these services lead to an emphasis on process quality and engineering. Also, we work with transparency and integrity while maintaining profitability. We provide services in various domains. But, in this blog, we will discuss our Angular front-end developer experts and detailed analysis about Angular front-end development.

Therefore, let’s begin with the details about it.

2. Angular Front-End Development

We at Take2 Technologies provide the finest Angular front-end development. Our experienced Angular front-end developer is well-versed in offering cost-effective quality services and impeccable round-the-clock support to our valuable clients.

Let’s understand now what Angular front-end development is?

Also, you might have come across the term front-end development. But, you might not know what that exactly means?

Everything you come across on a website, including buttons, links, overall layout, and many more, consists of front-end development. It consists of the development of the graphical user interface of a website. Hence, using programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript helps users view and interact with the website.

3. What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source framework of the web application based on Typescript. It is written in Typescript. Typescript is a programming language that is a syntactical superset of Javascript. It adds syntax to Javascript. Angular is a framework as well as a platform that helps build single-page applications using HTML and Typescript. These days, we have access to various frameworks and libraries that help provide alternatives. The reason why you need an Angular front-end developer is that concerning front-end web development, an Angular front-end developer helps in providing many solutions to the issues.

Angular was developed in 2009. There are various versions of Angular that came out with the passage of time. At first, Angular 1, known as AngularJS came to light. After that, came Angular 2,3,4,5 to the current version of Angular 11. With the help of updates on versions, the improvement was seen, consisting of fixing bugs, addressing issues, etc.

Now, let’s look at the features of Angular, which are listed below.

4. Features of Angular

4.1 Document Object Model

Angular uses Document Object Model or DOM. DOM serves an HTML document as a tree structure. In this, each node represents a part of the document.

4.2 Written in Typescript

Angular is written in Typescript. Typescript offers good syntax structure and helps you easily maintain and understand the codebase. Typescript can be installed as an NPM package using the command mentioned below.

npm install -g typescript

Typesript and npm (angular front end developer)

4.3 Data Binding

Data binding allows users to handle the elements of web pages throughout a web browser. It helps in the more refined display of a web page when there is a large amount of data. Angular uses the two-way binding.

4.4 Architecture of Angular

Angular is an MVC framework. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. By using MVC, you get a clear understanding of the application’s structure. Moreover, an Angular application consists of building blocks such as modules, components, templates, services, depending on injection, metadata, etc.

5. Advantages of Angular

As we have looked out the features for Angular, similarly, the use of Angular comes with several advantages. These advantages are as follows-

  • Angular consists of custom components that allow users to create their own components.
  • It supports data binding.
  • Also, Angular allows users to write modular services. It enables you to inject those services whenever there is a requirement. Thus, it results in an improvement in testability.
  • Angular helps in testing every part of your application.
  • It is comprehensive and provides unique solutions.
  • It also supports browser compatibility, which means Angular can run on various browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. In addition, it provides support to numerous operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

6. Angular Front-End Developer at Take2 Technologies

6.1 Our projects that used Angular front-end development

We have delivered various projects using Angular front-end development in our company. For example, one of the recent projects we worked on using Angular was for “PrimaryIO”. “Hybrid Cloud Data Management” was the product that we created. Hybrid Cloud Data Management (HDM) offers solutions to perform migrations of VMware-based virtual machines from on-premises to VMware-based cloud environments. Its warm migration helps VM compute and storage move workloads from the cloud rapidly and lets one fully control the data. It is helpful in ensuring the use of the cloud immediately instead of waiting. HDM allows for VMs to be powered up in the target cloud environment. Also, migrations can be complicated and may take maintenance. Still, HDM’s flexible approach allows for VMs to be rapidly powered up in the target cloud and reverted to the on-premise environment if needed.

6.2 Why should you choose the Angular front-end developer from our end?

Earlier, when you used to create a project, if you didn’t take any MVC-based framework then layers weren’t readable. Later, MVC was famous and in trend in the market. User interface-related work was done in Angular. Cloud-based projects that we have worked on so far consist of Angular. On top of Angular, we have used clarity, an open-source VMware project. Since we are experienced and have worked for big shots in the industry, therefore, choosing us can be more beneficial in the long run.

7. Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are looking for an Angular front-end developer, we are the right choice for you. Stop comparing Angular development at various places and connect with us to know more about the services in Angular front-end development. You need to think and consider tons of things when choosing the right Angular front-end developer. We at Take2 Technologies offer solutions that are efficient and time-saving. We would love to hear from you more.

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